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My name is Bob Billings. I am a consultant in Pharmacogenomic (PGx testing), Genetic and Metabolic DNA testing for medication sensitivity issues. I also cover medication monitoring and toxicology. I will be your representative and helping you get started. I’m available to answer any your questions you have.

For most physicians the next step is discovery and education of pharmacogenomics. Through this site we get you up-to-speed on the science of Pharmacogenomics. This major scientific advancement in healthcare provides the physician with a quick and efficient way to determine which medications are best suited for each patient. What we offer is a NO guesswork complete solution for metabolic testing of the CYP 450 pathways. Through these pathways drugs get metabolized in the liver where they are meant to provide the health-related result.

We get your medical practice up and running testing patients. We also train a medical technician to perform this test with No disruptions to your current practice flow. We set the service up and cover costs of the MedTech and DNA kits. We even bill the insurance carrier for your patient.

My background includes over 20 years in Healthcare Sales and Operations. I am accomplished in business development management, profit enhancement, and client relations management. Experience includes developing and implementing healthcare technology programs, driving practice growth and strengthening relations with patients.

I’ve managed healthcare informatics, mobile health apps, risk management and software implementation for hospital and physician practices. I have work closely with on-the-go medical staff to provide educational services and training.  My work additionally has brought me to radiology, cardiology, pharmacogenomics and pharmaceuticals.

Past experience in healthcare spans application development, EMR software roll-outs, data automation, data conversions, systems integration and interoperability within various functional areas of healthcare.

I’m very familiar with the ins and outs of practice management, electronic health records, medical insurance billing, drug dictionaries, clinical systems, infection control and digital x-ray.

Pharmacogenomic testing will be the best decision you will make this year in your practice with better outcomes for patients.


My focus has always been on healthcare and enhancing people’s lives .


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve would love to talk to you.


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 We are a USA based company and offer NO services outside of North America.