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Why get tested?

 Why test your metabolism?

It’s a simple one-time metabolic DNA test. The MedTech will collect saliva from your mouth with a buccal swab. Simple. The swab is sent securely to our lab for testing. What Test? Your sample is tested to decide how you metabolize medicine prescribed by your physician. How you process medicine once it get delivered through your CYP450 pathway. The various enzymes take that drug and make it useful for the prescribed person. Because each person responds differently to prescription drugs, the test informs the doctor if this is helping you.

Metabolic DNA testing checks your primary enzymes for metabolism rate. The primary enzyme uses the CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP1A1, CYP1A2, CYP3A4, CYP3A5, OPMR1. You’re probably thinking what? These are the enzymes that the drug manufacturer’s use to develop and mix medicine so it will work for you. There’s one problem. Not everyone’s internal machinery works the same way. Some people are Normal metabolizers, some Intermediate and some poor phenotypes. Good example is that most Europeans cannot mobilize some drugs with their CYP2C19 enzyme. Case in point, Statins. The good news is that there are 30 different Statins that your metabolism can use. By getting a DNA test physicians can decide how your metabolites work and get you on a drug that your body will use normally. But, unless you get tested you and your doctor will never know. Get tested and know.


STOP. Your Doctor doesn’t do metabolic DNA testing?  This is the modern age of medicine. Drugs prescribed today can be very right. I have spoken to several people that tell me they double-up on the pills that they take. STOP. Another person told me they don’t feel like the medicine is working properly. STOP. 

Drugs not processed correctly can cause one of the most devastating events. Adverse Drug Reactions kill 100,000+ humans each year.
Don’t be a victim.

Metabolic DNA testing saves lives of Adults and Kids.

Genetic testing enables Doctors to prescribe the right medicine.





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Metabolic DNA test

Did you know?
A quick and simple Metabolic DNA test could make your medications safer and more effective.

A Metabolic DNA test helps your doctor find the best medication and dose for you. Our panel test will show how your body breaks down medications for these common conditions and more:

Asthma and COPD
All Cancers
Cardiology & Heart problems
Cholesterol issues
Chronic pain
Depression & Mental health issues
Gastrointestinal problems
High blood pressure
Migraine headaches
Prostate problems

Are you concerned about medication side effects? Do you wonder if you’re getting the proper medication—or if a different one would work better?

Genetic testing will show how your body processes drugs

A simple test can reveal how your body is likely to process many common medications. Your doctor can act on the results to prescribe medications with less risk of side effects, including bad reactions. Genetic testing also helps your doctor find the most effective medication and dose for you.

What is genetic testing?

We are all different and so is your genetic makeup. Gene variations are responsible for differences in everything from hair and eye color to how your body breaks down medications. Genetic testing is the only way to find your unique gene variations.

What does our panel tests look for?

First, we look for gene variations that affect how your body’s enzymes work. Enzymes are substances that cause chemical reactions within the body. Enzymes are involved in all your body’s functions. Some enzymes break down food inside the body. Others break down medications. Doctor requested panel’s looks for gene variations that affect one family of enzymes. This family is called the Cytochrome P450 enzymes. These enzymes break down up to 82% of all medications

What happens if I have a gene variation?

If the test finds gene variations, your medications might not work as expected or you might have more side effects. People with gene variations that affect the CYP450 family are more likely to have medication problems than people without these variations. Problems can include bad reactions or less benefit from medications. Researchers estimate that commonly prescribed drugs may not work in about 60 percent of patients.

How can genetic testing help me?

Because different enzymes break down different medications, knowing which gene variations you have is just as important as knowing if you have any. Genetic testing gives you and your doctor valuable information about your response to medications. This information is critical for preventing side effects. It also helps your doctor prescribe the most effective medication and dose for you.

Will I have a gene variation?

Yes. One in every 2 people has a gene variation that affects the P450 enzymes. You might have just 1 gene variation or several variations that change how your body processes medications.


How is the test done?

A medical technician does a saliva swab the inside of your cheek for a sample of cells. Then your doctor sends the sample to one of our five labs depending on your geographical location for analysis.

Results are available in 36-48 hours.



Always, notify your physician at once should you the patient experience any adverse drug reactions or signs and symptoms.


Only a licensed Doctor or other Health Provider can order the Drug
Metabolizing Enzyme Panel.
Call your doctor today to make an appointment. It may save your life.



Pharmacogenomic testing: Relevance in medical practice


More than 75% of the population has variations that can change how they react to drugs. Adverse prescription drug reactions kill over 100,000 Americans each year – three times as many are killed by automobiles. Our PharmD report analyzes the patient’s DNA against their medications and provides clear guidelines for prescriptions that will be most effective. Perhaps even more important, Pharmacogenomics can predict what prescriptions will NOT be effective, based on the way your body metabolizes certain enzymes, so patients won’t end up taking a prescription unnecessarily.

Are you prescribing medicine based on what the pharmaceutical industry has told you? This breakthrough science is one of the great promises of genetic testing – is Personalized Medicine – allowing you the physician to deliver healthcare based on a person’s genotype. An individual’s genetics can suggest optimal dosing levels, cause some medications to be more or less effective, or in some cases lead to avoiding wrong medications that could cause personal harm, DNA Metabolic testing is conducted in the physician’s office by a Medical Tech; which we paid to perform the test. We also cover cost of DNA kit and shipping to the lab. No cost? Yes the lab does the billing. No disruption of your current practice flow. We are the Gold Standard in DNA Metabolic Testing.

Identify the Safest, most Effective Medications for your Patients—and which ones to avoid.




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