Toxicology Testing

Are employee’s now “thinking” that with the current Marijuana freedom wave sweeping this country,that its OK to smoke or consume edibles on the job.

We’re sure the railroad, transportation, precision instrument and electronic companies do not want the double liability that comes from stupid mistakes.

Our rapid toxicology screening test for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of  illegal substances in the human saliva to verify drug consumption.


Our drug test is a 9-panel test for efficient screening of up to 9 Drug Groups at once:

Cannabis / Hash / THC

Opiates / Morphine

Cocaine / Crack




Designer Drugs (MDMA (Ecstasy), K2, Bath Salts

Synthetic Cathinones

Synthetic Cannabinoids






Analysis Time: 5 to 8 minutes

Reliability: Greater than 95% Accuracy

Results: Color indicator lines display positive results. All results remain valid for 10 minutes after the test is completed. Objective results can be documented using DrugRead.®

Our drug test is intended to be used for drug screening by trained professionals. The test detects the relevant substances in saliva, indication that the test subject has recently consumed or handled controlled substances (forensic application).



Be Proactive.

Don’t Risk the Liability.


The iScreen oral fluid toxicology testing detects CANNABIS-THC/COCAINE/AMPHETAMINES/METHAMPHETAMINES/OPIATES/PCP, is a rapid saliva drug test that simultaneously detects 6 drugs at once. The Iscreen OFD is a single mouth and gum swab that provides results interpretation in 5 minutes or less.


A simple mouth and gum swab with built-in test

Six-panel drug configuration

Photocopy template included for recording results

Easy to read results no machine required


Test are Available in boxes of 25 tests.

The majority of employers across the United States are NOT required to drug test and many state and local governments have statutes that limit or prohibit workplace testing, unless required by state or Federal regulations for certain jobs. Also, drug testing is NOT required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. On the other hand, most private employers have the right to test for a wide variety of substances. You can refer to the US Department of Labor Section 7: Drug Testing.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy


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